Sensorial Maximalism for The Singleton 40 Year Old

AlterProjects is proud to present its latest Cultural project for The Singleton Whisky: ‘Sensorial Maximalism’, celebrating the launch of the series Grand Final for the Epicurean Odyssey: The Singleton 40-Year-Old.  


The Singleton wanted to collaborate with three artists and asked AlterProjects to come up with an overall concept and curate unique talents with various artistic styles and backgrounds. They were tasked to bring out three dimensions of the product story through their artistic expression, which would then be integrated into an Art experience.


The exhibition opened its doors to the public for three days in Zhangyuan, Shanghai in April 2023.


Taking as inspiration the incredible craftsmanship and indulgent character of The Singleton 40-Year-Old, three global multidisciplinary artists, created unique works which investigated the elements of mastery by Maureen Robinson and whisky-makers at The Singleton. 


With the influence of Neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis, the artworks and their spaces were designed to heighten the senses, to prepare the guests for a perfect tasting experience.


​​These artworks formed the basis of an immersive gallery experience in Shanghai, named ‘The Rooms of Maximalism’, where guests journeyed through rooms delivering precise stimulation for the five senses and beyond, to reach this heightened state of Sensorial Maximalism, before the very first tastings of The Singleton 40-Year-Old.


“We have curated three artists to create a narrative between The Singleton 40-Year old, its roots, China and the rest of the world. Each artist will be ‘owning’ a sense, UK based artist Found Studio ‘Sight’, Chinese artist Zhou Yilun ‘Touch’ and UK Studio Moodsonic‘ Hearing’ - through which they bring to life maturation time, craft and the richness of the spirit interpreted as Flow, Collision and Richness.”
Anne-Laure Pingreoun, in collaboration with Yoko Choy, Curators.




Found is a 3D motion design studio from London, who created the content for the first room: “Our ‘flow’ room comprises a large-scale digital triptych that presents the audience with a glimpse inside the cask, as well as the invisible processes that mature the whisky over four decades.


Shining a light on individual moments, delicate materiality and flowing forms strike the balance between science and craft. The audience is placed right in the middle of a sensorial journey through the hidden history of whisky making.”




Zhou Yilun, sculptor and painter living and working in Hangzhou, China, unveiling a large-scale physical piece, exploring the collision between liquid and casks.


“Through a single, grandiose sculptural installation, I sought to capture the collision of flavours present in The Singleton 40-year-old whisky. With my material, I aimed to mimic the texture and sensation of whisky flowing through the cask and on the tongue. 


By layering paint and using brushstrokes of various hues, I sought to depict the interlacing and textural complexity of the whisky's multiple layers of flavour. It is my hope that the sculpture embodies the sensorial experience of the liquid for the viewer.” 


Moodsonic, filling the third room with their sound art, is known for combining art and science to create soundscapes that deliver immersive, sensory experiences.


“The Flavour Garden is a celebration of a single drop of The Singleton 40-Year-Old, in all the senses. Moodsonic collaborated with artist Tomas Nordmark to create a rich, maximalist soundscape inspired by the Scottish Highlands. 


The soundscape evolves as guests move through the garden. With help from neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis, the sound is designed to magnify and enhance different smells and flavours.”


Commissioned by: Diageo and The Singleton