Curation of the French Pavilion

AlterProjects has been selected to curate the French Pavilion during the London Design Biennale in 2021 in Somerset House.


Artistic Director: Es DEVLIN
French Designers: Sebastien Servaire / The Workers


Metronome(s) is an olfactory and sound installation. By the oscillation of a row of metronomes in XXL format, a succession of smells and sounds is triggered to come and play with our perceptions. As an initiatory path, the visitor, passing successively before each metronome, will face both his/her memories as an intimate resonance and a collective feeling.


Each olfactory emotion is amplified by a uni-directional ASMR sound that plunges the visitor into an intimate, ultra-sensory experience.


We wish to put French know-how forward with the exceptional craftsmanship of emotions through design, sound and smell.