Kindness Exhibition x Bauer Media - Mental Health Day

Kindness matters now more than ever!


To celebrate World Mental Health Day and following our Global Design Forum talk: 'State of Mind', Bauer Media Group Lucie Cave and Alter-Projects Ltd have teamed up to launch a campaign involving the creative community in order to raise awareness about mental health in the UK and raise money for mental health charity Chasing the Stigma

Credit: Picture by Florrie Barber

The initiative, part of the #PledgeKindness campaign, invited artists to post their artworks online, on sale from Saturday 10th October, in order to invite people to pledge an act of kindness towards the creative community. 


It culminated with a pop-up exhibition at Mayfair’s Sook, only open on Saturday 10th, showcasing a selection of the works for sale from artists including Yuri Suzuki, Rasha Kahil, Bethan Laura Wood, Sebastian Bergne and Emily Forgot. 


Co-curated by Leo Babsky, the physical exhibition celebrated the theme of ‘Kindness’ and 10% of sales will be donated to Chasing the Stigma and go towards normalising mental health in the country.

Credit: Picture by Florrie Barber

Lucie Cave, Creative Editorial Director, Bauer Media said: “We’ve been proactively campaigning for mental health awareness since 2018 and know mental health is even more of an issue this year with coronavirus and lockdown impacting our livelihoods. That’s why we’re so proud to be launching the #PledgeKindness campaign with Chasing the Stigma and work with these incredible artists and Alter Projects to hold this exhibition. Come join us on Saturday, pledge an act of kindness and perhaps leave with a new piece of art for your home!”

Lucie Cave, Leo Babsky and Anne-Laure Pingreoun / Credit: Picture by Florrie Barber

Anne Pingreoun, Founder and Curator, Alter-Projects said: “"The opportunity to work alongside Bauer Media was born out of the Global Design Forum panel discussion State of Mind: the Intersection of Design and Mental Health that included Lucie Cave, where we discussed the lack of support for mental health in our industry. Our mission is comprehensively rooted in finding practical solutions to a problem that very much exists today; in the creative industry, and beyond. We wanted to respond to our own call to action, in a sense, and we have found tremendous support from all those involved, especially from the creative industry. This initiative goes to show that positive change is truly viable when communities come together.”

Credit: Picture by Florrie Barber

Yuri Suzuki, sound designer and Artist said: “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this important cause. Mental health is something that must be talked about openly and empathetically, yet so often it is not. ‘Kindness’ is an incredibly apt theme for this exhibition and is a vital communicative tool. I will be selling a signed EZ Record maker for this cause - allowing you to record and share your sounds and memories in a physical format.”

MaÏa Morgensztern and Anne-Laure Pingreoun / Credit: Picture by Florrie Barber

Thank you to:
Bauer Media's team for their professionalism and passion to get everything done in just a few days.
All the artists who participated.
Landlord Grosvenor Britain and Ireland pledged an act of kindness in facilitating the set-up of the Gallery Space.
Studio Crême for helping us with the design of the various screens.
Sook Space for donating the space for free.


Artists showcasing their works at the exhibition include:


From Alter-Projects:
Yuri Suzuki
Sebastian Bergne
Bethan Laura Wood
Philippe Malouin
Emily Forgot
Morag Myerscough
Richard Woods 
Orlanda Broom
Another Artist
Theodora Alfredsdottir
Ben Channon 
Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti
The Good Thing in collaboration with Gonzalo Herrero 


From LB Curatorial:
Rasha Kahil
Chica Seal
Teresa Eng
Mimei Thompson
Trystan Williams