'State of Mind: The Intersection of Design and Mental Health'

AlterProjects has been asked to curate a panel during the Global Design Forum called 'State of Mind: The Intersection of Design and Mental Health'


We explored the power of design and its impact on mental health, how we can integrate health and wellbeing into design, and how creatives and designers can protect their own mental wellbeing.


There is stigma around mental health which prevents people from receiving relief and keeps them suffering in silence. One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year, for those working in a creative role the likelihood of developing such issue is three times greater.


As an industry we need to address this and have the tools to do so!


As a curator and having been through a burnout myself, we need to be genuine in our approach and help raise awareness through a platform like the Global Design Forum with a clear call to action.
We have therefore selected amazing thinkers from different background / horizons who can help raise awareness through facts / express what they have been through and give some practical tools for the designers to find a way out and forward.


Lucie Cave 
Editorial Director Bauer Media and Co-founder of Bauer’s Mental Health campaign wheresyourheadat.org (London based)


Dr Layla McCay
Director of the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health (London based) 


Dr Elizabeth Lindsey
National Geographic Explorer (US based)


Andrew Schapiro
Executive Creative Director at CALM (SF based) 


Ben Channon
Head of Wellbeing at Assael Architecture (London based)