Camille Walala - Artist Representation

Alter-Projects has worked closely with Camille Walala, globally on all her large public Art installations and brand collaborations projects from 2017 to 2019.


January 2020: Hong Kong x Business of Design Week
London designer Camille Walala is transforming Victoria Park into a whimsical and visually impactful London mansion. The imaginative installation is a celebration of British pop culture. In the park, you will also find AR experiences created by Hong Kong creative studio Hattrick Creative. The cluster of works is giving the urban oasis a surprising touch and defying the stereotype of playspace, pushing the boundaries of play.


September 2019: London Design Festival x Grosvenor
Camille Walala returns to London Design Festival in a characteristically colourful manner. The French-born designer has been commissioned by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to energise and enliven South Molton Street, in the heart of London’s West End, with a bold and beautiful family of street furniture. Launch planned 14th September 2019.


March 2019: Limited Edition with Marella
Camille Walala designed Marella ART.365 collection for Spring/Summer 2019, combining alluring designs, innovative style and, for the very first time, colour.


January 2019: WORFU Hong Kong
North Point might not be the first place you’d go in Hong Kong for street art, but from January till mid-May 2019, the neighbourhood got an injection of colour courtesy of London-based French artist and designer, Camille Walala. Camille first visited Hong Kong in 2014 for a project with Lane Crawford, and worked on a 54-metre long mural for WORFU, a shopping arcade formerly known as Provident Square in North Point.


December 2018: SALT Hotel in Mauritius
Sea blues, sunny yellows and bold monochromatic stripes appear throughout this boutique hotel, designed by artist Camille Walala to complement the landscape of Mauritius.

The Salt of Palmar hotel occupies a riad-style building on the east coast of the far-flung island. It contains 59 guest suites, a restaurant and a spa, all of which Camille Walala has decked out in tropical hues and graphic prints. The brand’s brief to Walala was to “weave strands of distinctly Mauritian aesthetic into the fabric of the interior” of Salt of Palmar, to encourage guests to form an affinity with the destination. This led Walala and art director Julia Jomaa, her long-term collaborator, to develop a colour scheme that directly relates to Mauritius, including both its man-made structures and natural terrain.


November 2018: This and that - Shanghai
Camille Walala exhibited at Fiu Gallery in Shanghai a selection of Ceramic Sculptures and Screen Prints in November 2018.


May 2018: Industry City - NYC
New York is treated to Camille Walala's vibrant visions. Coinciding with NYCxDesign, the artist has unveiled her largest mural to date — a seven-story composition on the façade of a historic building in orkgra’s 'Industry City'. A striking statement for the south orkgra design destination, the artwork is ‘inspired by the architecture of the building, particularly the repetition of the windows,’ Walala describes. ‘the site is bathed in the most beautiful colors at sunset, which has inspired my palette for the project.’

Commissioned by Wanted Design for the Industry City Design Festival — Walala’s mural plays with perception by optically distorting the architecture of the building and its urban surroundings.