MINI Living

Alter-Projects as the Lead Curator for A/D/O by MINI was working closely with the MINI Living teams and the architects Universal Studios to put forward key talents in order to create disruptive installations and amazing artwork within the Shanghai and NYC spaces.




MINI was diversifying into urban development with the MINI Living building in Shanghai, which saw a disused industrial complex transform into apartments, offices and leisure spaces.

The announcement of the MINI Living building marked the latest stage in MINI's evolution from a dedicated automobile manufacturer into a multifaceted lifestyle brand, with a focus on maximising quality of life in compact spaces.

Alter-Projects as the Lead Curator for A/D/O was in charge of the curation of the large installations of the A/D/O spaces and artworks within MINI Living communal spaces in NYC and Shanghai.

A few examples below of some of the Artwork.

George Byrne Photography - Pavement Abstract #1 and #2
Camille Walala Artwork - Flock / Radius / Realm and Strech
Light installation by Canadian born designer Jordan Soderberg Mills

A/D/O SHANGHAI - ‘Wind Garden’ teaser by Yang House


Alter-Projects curated ‘The Wind Garden’ an installation by Shanghai based Yang House as MINI Living Shanghai first installation in November 2019.


We are proud to have our first collaboration with one of China’s most established and respected designer – Mr Jamy Yang. He is well-known for his minimal sleek design with a combination of German logic thinking and Chinese humanistic spirit. He has been listed as “Top Influential Chinese Designer”on Forbes.